Humanity’s next generation of changemakers.

Our mantra.

empower and action.

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In 2015, I saw the innocent yet heartbreaking image of Alan Kurdi that circulated worldwide. His body washing up on the once peaceful & happy vacation shores of the Mediterranean Sea engraved a thought into my mind. That could’ve been my friends. That could’ve been my family. That could’ve been me. As humans, we had no choice where or how we were born. I’m grateful about the fact that I get to live in a diverse, accepting and peaceful place like Canada.

Yet, young adults just like me have to live through such dire and conflict-ridden situations every day. Most of us were born lucky and we share an obligation to help those who were less fortunate. A lot of society completely neglects the bloodshed happening in Yemen or even the injustices happening in front of our eyes with the murder of Canadian indigenous women.

Together with Jason Liang, Chanya Chawla and Carlos Georgescu, we started the ambitious initiative now known as Rehumanity.

We aim to be different. We strive to educate and empower youth to learn more about the world around them, through international and local affairs. I believe that we are the change-makers & humanitarians of not only tomorrow but also—today. 

Rehumanity is a network and a registered non-profit organization filled with young change-makers worldwide. We focus on 2 major pillars of change—empowerment & education. With operations in 2 continents and dedicated teams, we follow, promote and lead the way for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals among youth in our communities.

Now, it’s your turn. Join our worldwide network, and let’s create change—together.


David He,

Founder of Rehumanity



As the next generation of humanity, we face challenges like never before. From the rise of climate change to inequalities throughout the world, the weight of the world on our shoulders are heavier than that of our ancestors.

Rehumanity means us. The next generation of humanity. The next generation that refuses to be quiet, which refuses to accept the status-quo of humanity.

Generation X is a generation that is unlike others, being born with technology and innovation in our hands alongside new challenges. We aim to be different than others and use this technology to create a bigger impact worldwide.

We will be and we are loud, we will be strong, and we will be united in our cause to reduce apathy around local & international issues and to create change.


why should we become changemakers?

Changemaker (n) – “Meaning one who desires change in the world and, by gathering knowledge and resources, makes that change happen.”

Forget your grades, your financial situation and material needs for one second. Reflect on the entire world around you, not just where you are now. Reflect on humanity today, the brutality and the problems which plague our futures.

We all need to stand up on this world. Yet, nobody changed the world themselves. Think of all the changemakers on the world, from Steve Jobs to Albert Einstein. We all needed support and help from one another to create the change we want to see on this world. Nobody did it alone.

Because being a changemaker is a journey and a path to create a better humanity, not something you would do yourself alone, for material awards.

Image used with permission from Tim Marshall from Unsplash.


We are today and tomorrow.

We, the young adults on this world, are both the leaders of today and tomorrow.

People often say that the youth today are the leaders of tomorrow, but we beg to differ.

Youth today face tremendous challenges ahead of them and we need to start now to create the change we want to see on this world.

By learning and becoming leaders today through activism, engagement and action, we gain valuable insight and experience upon the world.

Because the young leaders today will be the leaders tomorrow.